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One keg available per day per customer due to state law.

​Costs per 1/6 keg (5.17 gal)

$90 • Crowd Control​

$80 • Devil's Harvest

$60 • SoPro Light

$70 • Suzy B

$150 • Specialty Brands (limited availability, must call in advance)

$50 Keg Deposit for metal kegs

$15 Plastic keg

$20 Keg Party pump 



  1. Do I need to order in advance?
    You'll have to contact us in advance to reserve kegs of rotating, distributed beers - think our hazy IPAs released each month and our seasonal beers. Flagship beers (Crowd Control, Devil's Harvest, SoPro Light, and Suzy B) should be on-hand and available for immediate pick up.

  2. How much beer is in a 1/6 keg?
    Kegs are roughly 20 Liters or 40+ pints of beer

  3. How heavy is a keg?
    Kegs weigh just shy of 60 lbs

  4. How do I store my keg?
    Kegs must be kept cold to pour appropriately. The cheapest way to keep a keg cold is by placing it in a suitable container and covering it with ice. Place the keg in the tub, surround it with ice and then top up with cold water. 

  5. What if I don't drink all of it?
    You're purchasing the entire keg's quantity of beer so you may as well bring it back empty. We'll take care of cleaning out anything that's left, though.​

How To Order

  1. Call SoPro at (601) 602-4871 or email and let us verify the availability of your desired keg. 

  2. Show up to SoPro with a valid 21+ ID of the person renting the keg and payment for the keg and, where necessary, the keg deposit & party pump. 

  3. Enjoy the beer

  4. Return any rented equipment within two weeks of pickup. 

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