Distributed beers

The beers listed below are our core brands, consistently brewed and widely distributed.

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Suzy B

Blonde Ale | 5.0% ABV

Unfiltered, flavorful, drinkable and great for any occasion.


Wheat, Barley, Hops, Water, Yeast.


SoPro Light

Light American Lager | 3.9%

Southern Prohibition’s Light American Lager is the local beer for any occasion. Clean. Clear. Crisp. Made in Mississippi.


Crowd Control

Imperial IPA | 8.0%

Crowd Control is a dry-hopped Imperial IPA showcasing Mosaic hops. A solid malt backbone accompanied with a fruity and sticky hop overlay contain one another for a great balance of aroma and flavor. Drink fresh and don't resist.


Devil's Harvest

Breakfast IPA | 4.9%

Devil's Harvest is a golden, crushable IPA with a ghostly hue. A moderate dose of oats helps cloud up the beer while grabbing some hop oils from the large dry hop of Citra and Mosaic. By only using whirlpool and dry hopping techniques, we have cut down on bitterness while raising the aroma in this low ABV interpretation.